Build your next
app with React Native


Develop mobile app
Build your next mobile applications with React Native, a cross platform framework that gives you Android and iOS apps with single code base.
Build web app
Develop web application to handle access for different user role. E.g: Merchant portal/Admin dashboard.
Backend integration
Maintain high availability and scalable backend solution for your applications. Build API and architect necessary infrastructure.


OOLi NetworkMuslim-Friendly Social Media
OOLi Network is your Muslim-Friendly social media app to connect and share content with friends, family and a Muslim specific audience around the world. Why Join OOLi Network? Let’s build a vibrant and focused social platform where we can share, market, and promote content that focuses on Muslim lifestyle and perspective.
SeekersMYDownload, use, get RM20 bonus
Seekers is a recruitment platform where you can be a freelance-recruiter and help people to get a job. Once you successfully introduced a job, you would earn more than RM1,000. Also, you would get a lot more money based on your activity, which does not require you to own a car or anything other than your smartphone. This mobile app is exclusively for you freelance-recruiters. You will find an ultra transparent recruitment flow, and no hassle to support your friend to get a new job.
GOMA (购大马)You Travel, We Deliver
GOMA provides the whole brand new online shopping experiences in which the tourists get to discover and purchase the most authentic and genuine local products in Malaysia. Shop online anytime and anywhere while traveling in Malaysia. Enjoy and focus your traveling and trip in Malaysia while we will do our part in delivering your orders to the hotel or airports at the selected pick up timing.
LocaWildAdventure like a Local
LocaWild is your personal guide to exploring Colorado. With so many places to get outside in Colorado, we help you narrow your search by matching you to destinations based on your favorite outdoor activities. Explore with confidence: LocaWild's destinations are carefully chosen and verified by LocaWild's team of outdoor professionals. Each location is vetted by humans to ensure only legitimate and reliable data is presented.
StayEVOBest Deals and Offers
StayEVO gives you the best deals and offers when you are travelling to different cities in Malaysia. Browse and save your favourite restaurant deals to feast on, massage deals to relax, great deals for your souveniers shopping, and explore more attraction places with our discount vouchers in StayEVO App.
StayEVO PartnerBest Deals and Offers
StayEVO Partner offers a simpler and cost-effective solution for daily business operation for StayEVO redemption. The App is a user-friendly and comes with reporting tools for analysis that help business owner to monitor the flow of client thus improve efficiencies.
FieldOps360Lead your projects success
FieldOps 360 is a simple new framework for taking control of construction projects of all sizes. FIeldOps 360 manages the complex information flow of construction management, allowing you to create real time information flow and structured project management at any level of the construction process.
NeybourProperty Management Solution
Neybour is an app that enhances your residence experience, whether you're living in a high rise or landed property. It creates seamless communication within your community to help property managers understand their residences needs.
CarpitCar tyre servicing
Servicing your car tyres is time consuming, full of uncertainties and can get quite frustrating. Many car owners often overlook the need to send your car for alignment, balancing and the regular inspection of car tyres. At the same time, tyre shops that put in hardwork to ensure their service quality is good rarely get recognised.


Ishafizan IshakManaging Director at Data Insights
Highly skilled React developer, patient with requirement changes and delivers on time Two thumbs up :)
Shusaku UedaHead of Seekers
Project: React Native Mobile App Development for Seekers (freelance recruiter's platform in Malaysia) Nature of App: Freelance Recruiters' Support Application Team: 3: Chin (this guy), Internal backend developer, internal app designer App Link: Development Period: 2 months + 1 month for debugging Since I am not fully a developer, and our team was not familiar with React Native, Chin was helpful because:- - Polite - Good at explaining the things he can do and difficult to do (and come up with alternative ideas quickly) - Fast Responce - Dedicated - Good time management (finished on time) - Good support (after finishing the payment term and getting into debugging term, he was still with us) The quality of application is satisfying at this point. Since we just launched, we never know the reputation from new users though, I think it was a good decision to develop with React Native because it's fast enough and easy to operate (upload new jobs or information) from single backend and reveal on both Android and iOS at the very same time with exactly same appearance.
Goh Dean VernEcommerce Business Owner
A high responsibility person and developer i have working with for almost 1.5 years was corporate with chin loong on an E-commerce apps startup. The best part we found out interesting regarding Chin loong is he always able to think from different dimension especially from business perspective, this definitely giving client best return on either reducing the cost or those unnecessary developing and waste it. chin loong actively looking for solution and suggest different way in solving problem. this purely create a great value for our team which are not strong in IT knowledge, and it enable us a lot to focus on other business matter. chin loong usually able to interpret clearly and logically the instruction we given, he will analyse all the instruction and give the best advise for us whether it is workable or it is just unuseful. Chin loong always involve in development brainstorming with our team which this fully increase efficiency in our project from phase to phase. Willingness and passion to help us continue modify and fix the bugs whenever our apps met any difficulties.
Edvin FladenEntrepreneur
A great developer and a nice person. This is my impression from working with Chin Loong. I had the pleasure of working with Chin Loong on a MVP project based on React Native. His skills, speed and professionalism where beyond my expectation. While juggling two other projects, he was still able to come up with solutions and he truly cared for the success of the project. He is easy to collaborate with, and I am confident Chin Loong will do great things in the future.
Rahim RahmanSenior Software Developer at Aptos Retail
I have worked with Chin Loong on a few React-Native projects and no matter how complex the issues assigned to him, he has always been able to come up with solutions that I have confidence in. He has been handling his tasks really well, willing to accept feedback and always eager to learn new things. Hands down, he is one of the best software engineers I've had the privilege of working with in my career.
Jörg OssenkoppHead of Frontend bei Parkling
Chin Loong is a very nice and bright guy, great to work with. He is resourceful and knowledgeable, a quick learner. He helped us to solve some complex React Native problems in our app and built our website with Ruby on Rails. I would always work again with him, with pleasure, and I can recommend him wholeheartedly.

Side Projects

KTMBuddyYour everyday commute made easy.
Check KTM train timetable without hassle. With KTM train timetable effective 03 Jun 2018. Available routes: Blue line and Red line of KTMB train.
Squared BoxThe Best Color Puzzle!
The best Color Puzzle ever! Perfect mini game to play while waiting in a queue or when you are commuting with a train. Think logically and move logically!