Starting a blog

8 April 2018
Spread your ideas via blogging

Have you ever wanted to start your own blog?

I set this blog up with Gatsby.js. If you are a developer and has always wanted to start writing on your blog, setting one up yourself with gatsby.js would be rewarding. Though you have to spend significant amount of time to get your blog up and running and look attractive, it is fun to do, at least for one time.

While you can setup your own blog, there is an alternative to get started faster: write on existing blogging platform.

To name a few of them:

  1. Medium
  2. Blogger

Basically you just need to sign up on the platform and start writing.

Here are some of the advantages to get started with existing blogging platform right away.

  1. Existing audience
  2. Just focus on writing

While you can't leverage on existing audiences if you are hosting this your own, you have more control over your blog. You can customise the look and feel, add features that are necessary for your blog.

Your content will take care of getting to your audience themselves! (Well actually, not without some work).

However, hey! You have your own blog :)

Whichever way is suitable for you, the point is to get started. Spread ideas by blogging. So, let's just start writing today if blogging is what you always wanted to do!