Docker development mode

12 April 2018
Making code changes in container

Docker is helpful in a lot of ways.

Today, after dockerizing an application's services into different containers, I ran into situation where I need to make changes to the code of one of the container that serves API.

Well, docker dev mode is not really a thing/command that available out of the box. Though there are different ways to do it, I eventually did it with volumes.

  - /Users/yourDir/yourAwesomeApp:/var/www/yourAwesomeApp

It is a concept of docker which let you mount a host to your container.

Any changes you made to your host machine will be reflected in the container, without the need to stop and compose the services again.

I will be sure to explore this topic deeper in the future.

Visit my blog again in the future if you want to know more about my exploration with docker :)